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Utilizing cutting-edge scientific formulations and time-tested natural components, BioSerene produces vegan and natural skincare products. To create these very potent medicines, we scour the globe for the best plant extracts and powerful formulations for best skin & hair remedies. While retaining the utmost regard for the environment, we maximize these natural resources for our customers. Simply consider your audience or what your skin and hair require, examine the products, and choose the one that will help your skin and hair the most.

Ayurvedic skincare remedies combined with modern science to deliver synergistically effective results.

Skin and scalp solutions powered by innovate science and skincare actives. Formulated by a Pharmacist.

A holistic line of face, lips, and body care formulated with our featured ingredient, "Ghee" that has been used for centuries in India for moisturizing and therapeutic properties.

Complete haircare line formulated with extra moisturizing oils, butters, and more for textured ethnic hair types.



According to its definition, ayurveda is a science of life with a tailored, all-encompassing approach to healthcare. It offers excellent potential for treating elderly health issues, chronic diseases, and contributing to the promotion of health and wellbeing. Given its advantages, BioSerene offers the production of some incredible nutraceuticals and food supplements for Skin & hair remedies. It aids people in enhancing their general well-being by blending natural ingredients. We test our products for balance, accuracy, and overall product quality because we are the best manufacturer of ayurvedic products and food supplements.

Natural Ayurvedic and holistic dietary supplements. Formulated with high strength extracts.


OTC does not require any prescription, yet we take full responsibility for bringing you the safest OTC products. We work as your reliable otc manufacturer. We specialize in taking your brand through the process by offering lab testes produts. Each ingredient’s benefits are kept in mind before manufacturing any products. All the team possess the ability to offer their expertise to teh fullest. Be it the manufacturing process, testing or distribution, you will always get the full-services

Solutions to improve targeted health and wellness concerns. Formulated by a Pharmacist.

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